The boon out there


In 2015 the federal R&D budget reached $134 billion, of which DOE represented $11.7 billion and NSF $7.3 billion. About 40% of federally funded R&D is carried out by industry, followed by 22% by universities. The balance is conducted by national laboratories and federally funded research centers. How can companies effectively leverage  and tap into these resources?

The art of proposal writing

Writing a research grant proposal requires a tremendous investment in time and energy from the applicant. Yet, experience shows that 70 to 80% are doomed from the get-go. They fail for a variety of reasons that include poorly organized, poorly written, not following the call specifications, or not directly responding to the call. As a result, only a minority of proposals ends up to effectively compete.

Guiding toward success

We will help you to articulate a compelling proposal well aligned with the funding agency goal -- starting with crafting a forceful executive summary. Of course each project is unique but we can assist with selecting the strategic partners, designing the architecture of the proposal and at the very end putting ourselves in the shoes of a reviewer, editing and providing recommendations.