Our mission is to help you to craft very powerful research proposals.

Admittedly, each project is unique for it is the result of a complex intersection between the funding agency needs and requirements, your technology as well as your team capabilities and objectives. 

We will help you to articulate a compelling proposal well aligned with the funding agency goal -- starting with crafting a forceful executive summary. Depending on your specific needs, we can assist with selecting the strategic partners, designing the architecture of the proposal and, at the end, putting ourselves in the shoes of a reviewer, editing and providing recommendations.

Let's take the question of selecting partners for example. In programs such as DOE Small Business Vouchers, it is a given that a small business must (by definition of this particular funding mechanism) work with a National Laboratory. For most other proposals, the choice of one or several partners will be dictated by a gap analysis (i.e. what are the missing links in your tool box that are needed to achieve the project deliverables) and in part by the requirements of the call. Berkeley Grant Writing LLC can help with with the gap analysis  and advise you with the partner selection. Academic partners, Industry partners and National Labs have their own idiosyncrasies, vantage points and ways to approach a given task. Assembling your partners raw contributions will not be sufficient as this would lead to a kaleidoscope of juxtaposed and disjointed elements. In this example, one important for us would be to make sure that the various contributions are seamlessly integrated in a coherent and cohesive narrative.

Getting to Wow!

Pause for a moment and take a look the objects around you: the desk, your computer, the screen, this website... Everything in this Universe has been created twice -- first in the mind of the person(s) who conceived it, then in its physical form. From a lowly pencil to the Mars Exploration Rover...

Perhaps our most important job is to help you the mental picture of your project success, of success -- your success. This is getting to the Wow! It is akin to what in sports is referred as "being in the zone". Anyone who has written or reviewed a very compelling proposal can sense this element of Wow! When a team reaches this level, you can clearly feel it: it oozes from the narrative and success becomes almost inevitable.

Logic will take you from A to B.
Imagination will take you anywhere.
— Albert Einstein