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New string of successes for Berkeley Grant Writing LLC’s client

Berkeley Grant Writing LLC is delighted to report that its client Saratoga Energy (, continuing its streak of successes, has been awarded three new R&D grants in 2017. Saratoga Energy is a start-up based in Berkeley developing a breakthrough electrolysis process to manufacture low-cost and high-performance graphite and carbon nanotubes from carbon dioxide. The new awards are as follow:

1.       Department of Energy FY2017 SBIR Phase I grant ($150,000) to demonstrate the feasibility of carbon nanotubes to prepare thick electrodes for high-energy batteries for electric vehicles.

2.       Department of Energy FY2017 Phase II grant ($1 million) to optimize its process to manufacture graphite from carbon dioxide and demonstrate fast-charging ability in large format lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles.

3.       California Energy Commission CalSEED grant ($150,000) to demonstrate the use of carbon nanotubes for low-cost, extremely durable and safe lithium-ion batteries for grid storage applications.

These awards come after the four others previously reported:

-          a Department of Energy (DOE) SBIR Phase I

-          a Small Business Voucher from DOE Vehicles Technologies with Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

-          a Small Business Voucher from DOE Advanced Manufacturing with Oak Ridge National Lab

-          a NSF SBIR Phase I

This series of seven awards in a row in for seven applications submitted in less than two years represents an exceptional and perhaps unprecedented feat in the extremely competitive business of government grants.

A year and a half year ago, while considering hiring the services of Berkeley Grant Writing LLC, Drew Reid, CEO of Saratoga Energy commented that he “had not had much success with grants.”  This has changed. A perfect score of seven awards for seven proposals filed. Winning a research grant obviously requires an innovative technical idea and the potential to be disruptive in the market place. But the proposal needs also to be show cased in the most compelling light: this is how Berkeley Grant Writing helps to differentiate its clients proposals from the crowd.



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